Triasyst Industriële Automatisering B.V.

Triasyst Industrial Automation is a group of technicians who are an extension of their customers. We are experienced in a diverse range of industries.
We have a no-nonsense culture, 15 women/men in number and active in the control industry for machine builders and manufacturers.
we are a young enthusiastic club with a lot of responsibility and we have a nice informal working atmosphere.
Ommelseweg 71, Asten


  • BOL Mechatronica, niveau 4
  • BOL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BOL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BOL Technicus engineering mechatronica, niveau 4


  • BBL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BBL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus eletrotechnische systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Eerste monteur elektrotechnische industriële installaties en systemen, niveau 3
  • BBL Eerste monteur service en onderhoud elektrotechniek en instrumentatie, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL algemeen

Activities: Design/development/engineering, Production, Mounting/assembly, Machine construction/Modular construction, Service (advice / supervision / installation / maintenance)
(manufacturing)techniques: Service
Number of employees: 1-50

Orientation day information

Minimum number of students:
Maximum number of students:
Foreign students:
Foreign students are also welcome
We have possibilities for internships
Obligated necessities:
Necessities when possible:
ID, Work Shoes


Time Content Part
9:00 Introduction and company presentation General
9:30 Guide tour General
10:00 Explanation production machines/production line
10:30 Break
10:45 Explanation professions/positions and level General
11:30 Activity/Workshop/demonstration General
12:00 Closure/evaluation General