We Fabricate is the factory of the future, with customers such as Apple & ASML.

Would you like to see your own programmed products in practice and in people's homes and/or on the street? Do you think it's cool to make products, molds or instruments? Or maintain and operate the machine factory ?

Then we'd like to invite you to discover our ambitious environment, multidisciplinary teams and the factory of the future.

Sign up for a visit to We Fabricate and see you soon!

Industrieweg 187, Best


  • BOL Mechatronica, niveau 4
  • BOL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BOL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2


  • BBL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BBL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus eletrotechnische systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Verspaner, niveau 2
  • BBL Allround precisieverspaner, niveau 3
  • BBL Mechanisch operator A, niveau 2
  • BBL Mechanisch operator B, niveau 3
  • BBL Operator, niveau 4
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL algemeen

Activities: Design/development/engineering, Production, Mounting/assembly, Service (advice / supervision / installation / maintenance)
(manufacturing)techniques: Plastic processing, Metal processing, Machining, Surface treatments, Rapid prototyping, Electronica production (PCB/SMD, software etc.)
Number of employees: 1-50

Orientation day information

Minimum number of students:
Maximum number of students:
Foreign students:
Foreign students are also welcome
We have possibilities for internships
Necessities when possible:
In the factory, protective equipment including safety shoes and hearing protection are mandatory. These are provided by We Fabricate.

Everyone is also provided with Lunch so bringing your own food is not necessary.


Time Content Part
9:00 Introduction, meet & greet General
9:15 Company presentation General
10:00 Company tour General
11:00 Activity/Production/Demonstration Study specific
12:00 Lunch General
12:30 Activity/Workshop/Demonstration Study specific
14:00 Closure/evaluation General

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