Settels Savenije

About Us
Settels Savenije is a group of companies where high level technology is combined with a passion for people. For our OEM customer base, we invent, design, industrialise, manufacture, assemble and test high tech products, modules, tools and equipment. We train high tech professionals
Achtseweg Zuid 211, Eindhoven


  • BOL Werktuigbouwkunde, niveau 4


  • BBL Allround constructiewerker, niveau 3
  • BBL Verspaner, niveau 2
  • BBL Allround precisieverspaner, niveau 3
  • BBL algemeen

Activities: Design/development/engineering, Production, Mounting/assembly, Machine construction/Modular construction
(manufacturing)techniques: Metal processing, Machining, Surface treatments
Number of employees: 100-250

Orientation day information

Minimum number of students:
Maximum number of students:
Foreign students:
Foreign students are also welcome
We have possibilities for internships
Obligated necessities:
QR code or negative selftest
Necessities when possible:
Safety shoes


Time Content Part
9:00 Introduction and company presentation General
9:30 Guide tour General
10:00 Explanation production machines/production line
10:30 Break
10:45 Explanation professions/positions and level General
11:30 Activity/Workshop/demonstration General
12:00 Closure/evaluation General