John Deere Fabriek Horst B.V.

John Deere employs approximately 70,000 people and is one of the largest producers of agricultural equipment in the world. Our name stands for high quality and reliability. John Deere Factory Horst B.V. produces and develops trailed and self-propelled sprayers and currently employs approximately 200 people.

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Energiestraat 16, Horst


  • BOL Werktuigbouwkunde, niveau 4
  • BOL Mechatronica, niveau 4
  • BOL Industrieel product ontwerpen, niveau 4
  • BOL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BOL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BOL Technicus engineering mechatronica, niveau 4


  • BBL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BBL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Basislasser, niveau 2
  • BBL Constructiewerker, niveau 2
  • BBL Allround constructiewerker, niveau 3
  • BBL Allround lasser, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4

Activities: Design/development/engineering, Production, Mounting/assembly, Machine construction/Modular construction
(manufacturing)techniques: Metal processing, Joining techniques, Machining, Transformation, Surface treatments
Number of employees: 100-250

Orientation day information

Minimum number of students:
Maximum number of students:
Foreign students:
Foreign students are also welcome
We have possibilities for internships
Necessities when possible:
If you have safety shoes you can bring them, but it's not mandatory.


Time Content Part
9:00 Introduction General
9:30 Company presentation General
10:00 Break
10:15 Factory tour General
11:15 Explanation about the sprayers General
12:00 Evaluation General
12:10 Closing lunch

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