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gebrema is a plastic injection moulding company. which means that we produce plastic products in high quantities. In order to be able to produce these products,we need moulds that we can make in-company. So in addition to an injection moulding plant, we also have a tool shop, where we do a lot of machining activities.
gebrema has 22 injection molding machines from 25 tons to 600 tons of clamping force and almost all machines have l robots to automate the production process as much as possible.
Gulberg 26, Nuenen


  • BOL Werktuigbouwkunde, niveau 4
  • BOL Mechatronica, niveau 4
  • BOL Industrieel product ontwerpen, niveau 4


  • BBL Monteur mechatronica, niveau 2
  • BBL Eerste monteur mechatronica, niveau 3
  • BBL Technicus mechatronica systemen, niveau 4
  • BBL Verspaner, niveau 2
  • BBL Allround precisieverspaner, niveau 3
  • BBL algemeen

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Time Content Part
9:00 Introduction and company presentation General
9:30 Guide tour General
10:00 Explanation production machines/production line
10:30 Break
10:45 Explanation professions/positions and level General
11:30 Activity/Workshop/demonstration General
12:00 Closure/evaluation General

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