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BedrijvenMeeloopDag offers technical students the possibility to gain more knowledge and experience the companies in the area that match with their education. That way it's possible to gain experience about positions that they can have at these companies after graduation. Via an orientation day they can connect with different companies, experience their culture and the different positions. Companies can make their contribution to society by giving these students orientation and at the same time can enthuse these students for their work environment. This ofcourse with possibilities for a different collaboration (like an internship or starters position) in the future.

Koen van Steensel

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Different educations


Connected companies


Students sent on an orientation day

Advantages for students


Discover your interests and preferences
and take a look inside the companies you choose.


See and experience what jobs there are,
that match with your education.


Make contact with companies for internships, side jobs and graduate jobs.

Choose an interesting company
and plan your orientation day with one click of the mouse!

Plan orientation day

Advantages for companies


Get in touch with the technical talents
of different educations in different cities via one plattform.

Present your company

Enthuse students for your company and recruit for
internships, side jobs and graduate jobs.

Genuine interest

Students are free to choose from several different companies
and therefore will choose the company they prefer

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“BedrijvenMeeloopDag gives students the possibility to orientate on their professional opportunities from the start of their education. This orientation is an important factor for their motivation and therefore for their studiesucces”

Ella Hueting
Director Engineering, Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven

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